Private Label Beverages

We are innovators, designers, and manufacturers with some of the best talent in the industry and we're ready to partner with you.

We partner with retail brands, restaurants, hotels, and small businesses to deliver custom private label packaging options for your beverage products.

Work With Okc Soda Co.
  • Better Branding

    Private Label Beverages are an opportunity to expand, enhance your brand, and deliver a truly unique end to end branded experience, with a quality product. Our custom packaging will take your brand to the next level.

  • Improved Margins

    By choosing Okc Soda Co. for your private label packaging option, you will eliminate costs and mark-up associated with purchasing your own brewery and beverage packaging equipment. This allows you to develop a beverage line that hits the market faster and easier. Our facility is designed specifically to offer you a flexible runsize, and low minimum orders. Our minimum order for a custom recipe is 150 cases. You’ll enjoy better margins, so you can pass along the savings to your customers for increased brand loyalty.

  • Control Over Production

    From initial formulations to final packaging decisions, there is support and communication every step of the way. With bottling, canning, kegging, and other packaging solutions, our manufacturing facility is equipped to produce canned beverages of all kinds - sodas, seltzers, water, coffee, tea, and lemonade.  We accommodate a variety of can sizes, label finishes and you can choose a standard formulation or create a custom recipe to your exact specifications.

  • With over 35 combined years in the beverage industry, and strategic alliances with raw material suppliers, Okc Soda Co. brings a turnkey approach to manufacturing and co-packing capabilities.
    Everything is under one roof – facilities, resources, and the expertise to develop, test, manufacture, and package your product. We are innovators, designers, and manufacturers with some of the best talent in the industry and we're ready to partner with you.

  • Private Label Beverages are for any business that wants to offer a unique end-to-end branded experience. Okc Soda Co. offers companies, of any size, the confidence and reliability that is essential for manufacturing a successful beverage in today’s challenging marketplace. This includes companies looking to sell their own retail beverage, hotels that want to offer guests a signature beverage during their stay, retail companies that need a branded beverage for shoppers to sip while they shop, or for special events that want to sell drinks featuring their own logo. Our private label branded products provide you with the opportunity to tailor your beverage to your needs and your consumers needs.

    We are ready to hear your ideas!