What’s In The Can

Welcome back to your childhood. When unique flavors like these existed in your daily life, alongside cooties, school work, allowance, and your best friend.

We've been missing those memories of youth. That's why Okc Soda Co. started. To bring fresh and creative flavor profiles to the modern day beverage with the latest technology and sustainability. 

Our Craft Soda has absolutely No High Fructose Corn Syrup and No Caffeine. We use only real sugar, clean reverse osmosis filtered water, and natural flavors in every can.

Welcome back to the Good Times.

Lemon Lime

We use Reverse Osmosis filtered water in all our Craft Sodas, but none show it as much as this clean, crisp Lemon Lime Soda. The flavor is strong with natural Lemon Lime flavors, and a vanilla highlight, but with no heavy syrup aftertaste. Quenchtown here you come.

Strawberry Shortcake

Bright pink in color, this soda has an amazing strawberry forward flavor, followed by a decadent creamy shortcake taste that lingers around just long enough to make you want another one. Enjoy responsibly.

Blueberry Açaí

Neon Teal in color, this Soda has a
Cotton Candy vibe as the powerful natural Blueberry flavor is mellowed by the blending of Chocolate and Berries in the Açaí addition, making the mix of the two irresistible.

Cherry Limeade

Bright Red in color, this amazing Soda has a strong Cherry front followed by a tart, crisp Lemon Lime back without being too sweet, allowing it to remain super refreshing, just like you remember from the past.

Root Beer

Different than traditional offerings, our signature recipe is designed without the harsh sting, but still allows for a true Root Beer flavor enhanced by our small batch Madagascar Vanilla additions. Welcome to the future of Root Beer.

Orange Cream

Electric Orange in color, this Soda has the perfect amount of real Cream and natural Orange flavor artfully blended in just the right way to remind you of the days when Orange Push Pops and Creamsicles ruled. Summertime is here.